Boardroom AV (audiovisual solutions)

With our selection of audio visual boardroom AV solutions, you can improve decision-making and promote excellent teamwork. We can assist you in selecting the ideal option for your needs, from Microsoft Teams rooms to neutral methods.

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Popular boardroom AV products

video-conferencing solutions, hybrid meeting rooms

Video conferencing

Make connections with scattered teams with efficient video conferencing tools.

Wireless Presenting

Wireless presentation

In your organisations boardroom, make sure content exchange is rapid, simple, and secure.

Room Booking Panel

Booking systems

Make reservations and integrate your internet calendars with your room bookings.


Room control solutions

With simple room control solutions, you may give your boardroom space customised functionality.


With the newest boardroom AV options, elevate your environments.

We recognise that it’s critical to combine great aesthetics with top-notch audio visual technology in order to provide a professional boardroom experience.

Our team is here to make your meetings, whether in-room or remote, consistent, quick, and easy. This includes using high-quality video conferencing and wireless presentation technologies, as well as custom-built furniture solutions.

Automate and control the room to enhance the experience. Your boardroom becomes a hub of effective communication and activity thanks to flexible connection and content sharing that keeps data sources close at hand.

Combining top-tier technologies to produce premium experiences

Your boardroom may benefit from the best audio visual and collaborative solutions thanks to our skilled team of designers, programmers, and engineers.

Any modern boardroom should have flexible and user-friendly technology. Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms, and other solutions that allow numerous video services are currently in greater demand.

We exclusively work with top producers like Crestron, Logitech, and Poly in order to give our clients only the most cutting-edge technology. We want to provide our customers with the greatest boardroom systems we can.

Please get in touch with our specialists if you would like more information about the options that would work best for your space. They will be pleased to help.

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Why Excite AV should be your first choice for boardroom av (audio visual) solutions

Numerous audio visual solutions are needed in the educational industry, and as technology advances, so do the educational applications.

To provide our education clients with the greatest, most efficient solutions, we stay current on the most recent advancements in technology and educational practise.

Technology is at the heart of the contemporary student experience thanks to the rising need for Microsoft Teams-enabled venues, AV over IP, and wireless communication.