Optimising small spaces in office areas

Are there any little spaces in your office that aren’t being used for anything specific? If the answer is “yes,” you ought to think about setting up a huddle room. The fact that huddle rooms make use of typically overlooked space is one of its main advantages.

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Popular AV products used in huddle rooms

video-conferencing solutions, hybrid meeting rooms

Video conferencing

Make connections with scattered teams with efficient video conferencing tools.

Wireless Presenting

Wireless presentation

In your organisations boardroom, make sure content exchange is rapid, simple, and secure.

Room Booking Panel

Booking systems

Make reservations and integrate your internet calendars with your room bookings.


Room control solutions

With simple room control solutions, you may give your boardroom space customised functionality.

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If space is a challenge then huddle rooms could be the answer

Companies employ huddle rooms, which are compact meeting spaces with audio and video capabilities, for brief team meetings (also known as team huddles).

Apart from their size, what sets these rooms apart is that they are a simple substitute for large conference rooms, which typically need to be booked in advance.

This kind of room is your quick answer whether you require a space at the last minute to have an impromptu working session or a room for more intimate scheduled meetings.

Fortunately, creating huddle rooms is affordable, making them available to both large and small businesses.

Huddle spaces let team members collaborate and communicate while creating a more personal atmosphere.

While conference rooms are excellent for video conferencing with big groups, they can leave remote workers feeling forgotten and excluded. With quick and simple face-to-face connections that serve to give everyone a life-size presence, huddle rooms provide a solution to that issue.

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Why Excite AV should be your first choice for huddle rooms audio visual solutions

Since it enables team members to speak face-to-face without ever leaving their seats, video conferencing has become a big trend in today’s workplace. You must not pass up this chance if you’re considering installing a huddle room to your office.

Organisations may easily equip their huddle rooms with all the advantages of video conferencing thanks to the development of systems by video conferencing providers that are optimised for huddle rooms and tiny meeting spaces.