Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing

With the help of our selection of Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions, you can turn your meeting rooms into collaboration hubs. Our technologies are built to deliver a native Microsoft Teams experience, making collaboration in any setting simpler than before. Today, maximise the potential of your meeting rooms!

microsoft teams video conferencing solutions

Utilise Microsoft Teams Rooms to Streamline Organisational Efficiency

video-conferencing solutions, hybrid meeting rooms

Video conferencing

Make connections with scattered teams with efficient video conferencing tools.

Wireless Presenting

Wireless presentation

In your organisations boardroom, make sure content exchange is rapid, simple, and secure.

Room Booking Panel

Booking systems

Make reservations and integrate your internet calendars with your room bookings.


Room control solutions

With simple room control solutions, you may give your boardroom space customised functionality.

microsoft teams video conferencing systems

Systems from Microsoft Teams can suit all sizes of Meeting Rooms

Small meeting rooms with Microsoft Teams Rooms systems can become an engaging, video-enabled collaborative environment.

These meeting rooms, which can typically hold up to six people, come with an in-room display, an all-in-one video conferencing system, and a touch-enabled console to ensure full Teams functionality in every room.

Microsoft Teams Room systems can be expanded with more microphones for rooms that are only a little bit bigger than a typical small meeting room, ensuring that everyone can be heard clearly.

Speak with our team to learn how we can assist if you’re trying to promote collaboration in your huddle rooms, collaboration spaces, or conventional meeting rooms.

Large Meeting Space Solutions using Microsoft Teams

We are aware of the value of collaboration in large settings and are skilled at integrating specially designed solutions for the best potential room performance. In-room peripherals can be positioned in the room strategically using a modular-based strategy to guarantee that every participant engages in high-quality collaboration.

A big format monitor, a Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) camera for full room coverage, and additional microphones and speakers to ensure audio clarity for both in-room and remote attendees are common features of large Microsoft Teams venues.

Incorporating content cameras will also improve large Microsoft Teams Room systems and allow for the sharing of rich content during Microsoft Teams meetings.

Our team is accessible to talk about your extensive Microsoft Teams Room needs. To learn how we can help, get in touch with us.

microsoft teams video conferencing solutions
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Why Choose Excite AV for Your Microsoft Teams Room Solutions

Excite AV are an audio visual integrator specialising in solutions for communication, collaboration, and agile workspaces. We have partnered closely with top organisations over the past 25 years to help them connect, cooperate, and produce successfully.

By incorporating future-proof video conferencing solutions, we have assisted universities, healthcare, museums, the public sector, and blue-chip enterprises in staying connected. We provide a variety of production options thanks to our extensive network of partners. We locate the best option for you.

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