Restaurant Music Systems

At Excite AV we offer the full range of AV services. Designing and installing all types of restaurant music systems. We strive to provide the right solution for your business.

Research has proved that having quality background music systems in your restaurant is hugely significant. It can affect not only the mood of your customer, their buying habits, but also the amount of time spent in your restaurant. These are all good reasons to have a quality background music systems in your restaurant but most importantly its been proved that the average spend is increased.

Restaurant Music Systems

Core AV solutions to enhance the corporate restaurant environment

video-conferencing solutions, hybrid meeting rooms

Video conferencing

Make connections with scattered teams with efficient video conferencing tools.

Wireless Presenting

Wireless presentation

In your organisations boardroom, make sure content exchange is rapid, simple, and secure.

Room Booking Panel

Booking systems

Make reservations and integrate your internet calendars with your room bookings.


Room control solutions

With simple room control solutions, you may give your boardroom space customised functionality.

Background Sound Systems For Restaurants

Systems from Microsoft Teams can suit all sizes of Meeting Rooms

Small meeting rooms with Microsoft Teams Rooms systems can become an engaging, video-enabled collaborative environment.

These meeting rooms, which can typically hold up to six people, come with an in-room display, an all-in-one video conferencing system, and a touch-enabled console to ensure full Teams functionality in every room.

Microsoft Teams Room systems can be expanded with more microphones for rooms that are only a little bit bigger than a typical small meeting room, ensuring that everyone can be heard clearly.

Speak with our team to learn how we can assist if you’re trying to promote collaboration in your huddle rooms, collaboration spaces, or conventional meeting rooms.

Letting the best brands do the talking

Excite AV work with all major leading brands and are able to provide you with anything from an entry level system, to a high-end complete solution to meet your background sound systems for restaurants price range.

From a single site to multiple outlets, from a small independent restaurant to a UK wide chain, we are able to deliver a system which works for your business and is user friendly for your staff.

The right music is also important, that’s why we work with our music profiling partners and are able to offer licensed music tailored to your business on a monthly contract.

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Why Choose Excite AV for Your Microsoft Teams Room Solutions

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