Moving office AV?

Are you moving office and need to either re-locate or upgrade your existing Audio-Visual technology.

Allow us to support you with the smooth transition of your equipment and cabling while you concentrate on other aspects of your move.

Things to consider when moving office AV

Whether you are moving offices to downsize, upsize or relocate we can help you make the process a smooth one.

As part of the move you should consider what your AV needs will be and if your current AV will give you the right tools to help your business now and in the future.

We offer a full site survey and no obligation quote service… ideal for all moving office AV customers.

Our re-location packages include:

  • Site visits at both your existing and new office locations

  • New Layout/Cabling drawings

  • Advice on room acoustics

  • Advice on equipment/software upgrades

  • De-installation, transport and re-installation of IT and AV equipment

  • Technical training & support in your new office and meeting spaces

  • Floor walking service if required.

We can help with your furniture too. Contact us now.

The benefits of using AV professionals

The corporate sector is quite broad and the installations we tend to carry out vary. The demand for AV in this sector is huge. Businesses want to be the best in their field, and to do this they require the best for them to seek an advantage over competitors.

When it comes to AV, we tend to be installing modern cutting- edge technology.

To begin your journey with building your new Office AV set up, after initial contact one of our AV surveyors will attend a FREE site visit to discuss your requirements.

Once we have gathered an idea of your AV system needs, we will then spend some time preparing the right solution for you.

Your quotation will consist of a full design, supply and installation package, which will be tailored to suit your Office AV needs.

Some of the Office AV solutions we provide for offices include:

  • Video conferencing

  • Wireless presentations

  • Projector systems

  • Digital signage

  • Meeting room booking systems

  • Breakout area TV systems

  • Recreational AV with Offices


De-rig & Re-Install Service:

At Excite we are happy to help with the take down and re-installation of your existing AV equipment, if you are looking to re-use your existing Office AV kit.

This service is based on labour only. However, you would need the cabling infrastructure installed at your new office site to have the equipment work as it did previously.

Let Excite AV build the perfect Office AV solution for you:

– Our experts will design a solution specifically for your requirements and budget.

– We have accounts with and use market leading Brands including, Barco, Logitech, Zoom, Teams, Samsung, Elite Screens, HIK Vision, Epson and more.

– Fully insured 10 million Nationwide coverage UK.

If you are looking to upgrade your Office AV in your existing or new office, please feel free to speak to one of our Audio-Visual experts today. You can contact us directly on 0800 0843 065 or email us on