Because of our experience, we are proud to class ourselves as Barco Clickshare video conferencing specialists.

Presenting Wirelessly:

Barco Clickshare present a range of products, which allow users to share their device content with a screen/projector with a simple click of a button.

Here are the highlights of Clickshare benefits:

– Ease of use

– Speed of sharing content

– Multiple participants

Why choose Barco Clickshare?

From Huddle rooms to Board rooms, find the right product for you:

ClickShare, wireless presentation and video conferencing technology, creates understanding between people by freeing them to interact easily and naturally.

  • Clickshare CS-100 Huddle – wireless presentation solution for huddle spaces.
  • Clickshare CS-100 – standalone wireless presentation solution for small meeting rooms.
  • Clickshare CS-200 – standalone wireless presentation solution for small to medium sized meeting rooms.
  • Clickshare CSE-800 – the ultimate for wireless presentation and collaboration in meeting and conference rooms.
barco clickshare

The Brands we use

The list of brands is huge in this field. We use the market leading brands for our ‘Wireless Presentation’ solutions, depending on the need of the need of the client.

zoom room with video conferencing
barco clickshare + zoom room with video conferencing
mersive logo
barco clickshare
barco clickshare
barco clickshare

Barco Clickshare Applications

Barco Clickshare is ideal for almost any environment and it’s quite obvious to see the advantages it possesses.

The simplicity of the ‘Plug and play’ feature appeals to many and is no doubt a major factor as to why it’s so popular in the office environment.

The removal of the need to have untidy cables trawling along the office floor, creating a ‘smart’ office is another huge benefit of its use.

If you are interested in having Barco Clickshare in your office, feel free to contact us on 0800 0843 065 or drop us a line at, so we can carry out a site survey to find the right solution for you.