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Excite Audio Visual LtdSunday, September 23rd, 2018 at 8:42am
Background Music & Music Profiling

Our friends over at Startle recently wrote a piece on their blog regarding background music in restaurants.

Here is part 1

Music has been played in restaurants for centuries, building the desired atmosphere, entertaining guests, and creating an overall more enjoyable customer experience.
In 2018, the expectation to visit a restaurant and experience more than just a good meal is standard; consumers need a good reason to venture out instead of conveniently ordering in, whether this comes from more food and drink choice, a great in-venue entertainment offering, superior service, or a combination of multiple factors.
By the same token, research has shown that millennials are eating out at restaurants more than any other generation, suggesting a huge opportunity for the restaurant operators who are ‘getting it right’.
While a good restaurant music offering can significantly improve a dining experience, if high-quality, well-profiled music isn’t achieved, it could have the opposite effect.
Customer Experience
Music evokes emotion, and the impact of this on the quality of a customer’s restaurant experience shouldn’t be underestimated. For most, a complementary, fitting soundtrack increases the enjoyment of eating out. It enhances the atmosphere, encourages customers to relax and unwind, stimulates conversation and fills potentially uncomfortable silences.
Investing in a professional restaurant music system gives operators the tools they need to ensure a high-quality soundtrack is maintained. For example, while consumer music services such as Spotify are great for personal use, these are illegal to use commercially and could result in large fines and a disruption to your atmosphere if used in your restaurant. In contrast, professional background music services like Startle Music cover the necessary mechanical licenses needed to play music in a restaurant, and therefore provide a great platform to build a soundtrack that will enhance your customers’ experiences.
As well as ensuring your restaurant music solution meets the legal requirements, a professional background music system will usually come with a range of high-quality playlists suitable for different audiences, day-parts and purposes. With these at your disposal, scheduling a soundtrack that enhances your customer experience is made much easier. While bespoke music profiling is often a great choice for brands seeking a soundtrack specifically tailored around them, making use of readymade playlists means you can access professional music compilations without having to start from scratch if you’re lacking time or inspiration.

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Excite Audio Visual Ltd
Excite Audio Visual LtdSunday, September 23rd, 2018 at 6:32am
This year saw Bose release the new Edge Max ceiling speakers, perfect for background music in awkward ceilings where space is at a premium.

Bose Professional EdgeMax in-ceiling premium loudspeakers feature proprietary Bose PhaseGuide technology with high-frequency compression drivers to create a new category that combines the room-filling coverage patterns typical of larger surface-mount speakers with the architect-preferred aesthetics of in-ceiling models. Designed to mount near wall-ceiling boundaries, EdgeMax loudspeakers provide improved audio quality and coverage, while reducing the number of required units, compared to conventional dome-tweeter ceiling speakers.


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Excite Audio Visual Ltd
Excite Audio Visual LtdMonday, September 10th, 2018 at 6:56am
Background Music system at Bocca Social- Beckenham

When Jimmy Harper contacted us with plans to open an exciting new bar and restaurant we were delighted to team up with him and talk through his plans.

First up we visited site, very much in the early stages of rip-out but Jimmy was able to portray clearly his vision for his new establishment , so we set about designing a system that worked in his environment, delivered what was required and also budget.

Although cost was important that didn't mean we had to compromise on quality, so we installed in the main area the elegant and athletically pleasing Ecler Audeo 106's , designed by prestigious group Giugiaro Design in Spain.

The need for liver music in the evenings at weekend the system allowed for a Local DJ input to play over the house system, but protected by a Could Electronics limiter.
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Excite Audio Visual Ltd
Excite Audio Visual LtdSaturday, August 18th, 2018 at 11:08pm
Here To Help You & Your Business Grow With High Quality Audio Visual & CCTV Solutions. Design, Supply & Installation.
UK 🇬🇧

0800 0843 065

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Excite Audio Visual Ltd
Excite Audio Visual LtdSaturday, August 11th, 2018 at 6:58pm
Here at Excite AV, we work collaboratively as Strategic AV Partners with our clients across all industries to provide the very best in audio & visual performance.

Ensuring the right professional fit for your business requires finding a supplier that has a common vision and mission and shares in your core values.

That’s why we work alongside our clients to create the most impactful and aesthetically pleasing sound and vision experiences, that reflect just that.

Successful and prosperous businesses often have a team of people behind them who are experts in their field; Excite AV are the preferred AV supplier of our big brand clients who we have forged strong and lasting strategic alliances with.

We share incredible vision to create powerful end results that keep customers coming back for more.

Our clients are full of passion, integrity, customer focus and by working with us, they want to stand out from the competition.

We are looking to form future strong business links and alliances with:

Commercial contractors
Large commercial property developers
Shop fitout companies
Office fitout and refurb companies
Facilities operations managers
Leisure and sports facilities

You can read more about our most recent projects, which include clients such as Fortnum & Mason, Domino’s Pizza, Gipsy Hill Brewery, Everyman Cinema and a three-stage project for Springfield’s Shopping Outlet.
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Excite Audio Visual Ltd

Commercial & Domestic Audio Visual Solutions UK
Excite Audio Visual Ltd
Excite Audio Visual LtdThursday, January 10th, 2019 at 9:58am
A couple of images from my recent projects at F&M Somerset House & Maya Restaurant Knightsbridge, (opening soon).

Full Bose System De-rig at F&M & a full background / foreground Bose Pro audio installation at MAYA. (Next to Harrods).

I hope everyone is getting into 2019 as fast as we are.
My company Excite Audio Visual Ltd offer full design, supply & installation services for commercial and domestic Audio Visual Solutions.

Get in touch today for a FREE site consultation.

T: 0800 0843 065

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Excite Audio Visual Ltd
Excite Audio Visual LtdThursday, December 20th, 2018 at 6:16pm
China Feng CCTV & Background Music installation just off Petticoat Lane Market, London.

1 x NVR CCTV Hub
1 x Screen Monitor
6 x White Indoor Cameras
2 X Outdoor Cameras

Smartphone viewing via WiFi or 4G using VSS Mobile App with Vonaq Security.

1 x Cloud 46/50 Mixer / Amp controlling 10 x In ceiling speakers over 4 zones throughout the restaurant.

For more information on how we can get you up and running with a high quality CCTV or BGM solution.

Call Today
0800 0843 065
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Excite Audio Visual Ltd
Excite Audio Visual LtdWednesday, December 5th, 2018 at 4:59pm
Planning for our next @bose_professional installation at a new venue in Kensington, London.

Using Bose Edgemax Speakers, Bose controller, Bose VC, DJ Inputs & all cabling.

If you are looking for pro audio visual design, supply & installation get in touch today.

0800 0843 065

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Excite Audio Visual Ltd
Excite Audio Visual LtdWednesday, December 5th, 2018 at 4:58pm
One of our latest back ground music & radio mic projects @xscapemk alongside our good friends On Brand Audio.

This was a 2 day installation using @eclerofficial speakers and a @cloudelectronicsltd mixer - amp.

Very happy client, the quote was “best money he’s spent in a while” !

Enjoy the tunes @xscapemk

Excite Audio Visual Ltd

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