Six Ways to boost sales with Background Music

Here we look at six reasons why playing background music can increase your sales in your retail shop or restaurant.

Boost sales with Background Music


Keeps clients in store longer. Studies show that simply playing music in your store keeps people shopping longer. It fills the empty space and makes the environment more comfortable.

When a store is empty and quiet you can feel shop assistants eyes in the back of your head, so playing background music creates that personal space.


Affects shopping speed. Customers shop faster when you’re playing fast music and slower when you’re playing slow music. Keep in mind how fast you want them to shop when choosing your music.


Shoppers like it. Plain and simple – people prefer to hear music, it makes them feel good.


Emphasize your brand. You probably have a good idea of how your brand looks, but do you know how your brand sounds? Music is just one of many ways to build an audio brand.


Shorten perceived wait times. Just like silence on hold makes telephone wait time seem longer, silence in your store can make waiting in line appear to last forever


Filter target customers. When you walk past a store at the mall playing excessively loud music, you probably think one of two things: “Wow! This store is exciting, I can’t wait to shop here!” or “That’s horrible – I can’t imagine shopping there.” In this situation, the store is filtering potential customers with music. Those who don’t like the music probably aren’t the Brand’s target customers.

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So there it is, 6 good reasons why you should be playing background music instore, so don’t delay, call us for a free quote.