Because of our experience, we are proud to class ourselves as Bose Pro specialists.

Not sure if Bose are the solution for you?

We are proud to be Professional Partners. They provide arguably the highest quality audio equipment on the market.

Excite AV have designed, supplied and installed their audio solutions in London, Hertfordshire, Essex and around the UK for the past 18 years, from high-end retail stores, offices, bars and restaurants.

Whether you require background music, foreground music, an indoor or outdoor system, we have the portfolio of equipment to suit your need.

Want more than Bose? What other brands of AV do we supply?

If you are wondering what brands of AV we supply, we can assure you that here at Excite Audio Visual we only work with the top brands within the AV market, so we are able to to specify the ideal products for your project.

In Audio we are proud to be a Bose Pro-Partner, so we can guarantee our expertise and support when choosing this world-renowned brand. We are also proud to work with other top brands such as Ecler, QSC, DBX Harman, Shure & Sennheiser, all well-established, high quality manufacturers.

Visually, we supply top brands including Samsung, LG, Barco, InfiLED, Smart and BenQ to name just a few.

So now that you know what brands of AV we supply, get in touch and our expert, friendly team will take care of all your AV needs.

Audio Visual Specialists

Excite are AV specialists in audio; from design and implementation of background to foreground music systems in many different applications, we can provide standalone single zone systems for a café through to larger multizone complexes such as fitness centres and hotels.

We have many years of experience as AV specialists in smart screens, projection, digital signage, voice uplift and conferencing within sectors such as corporate, education, retail and hospitality.

What makes us a continued AV specialist is the support that we receive from our suppliers and manufacturers, as AV specialists in their own field of expertise, we make great use of the training and support programmes that they offer.