Digital Signage and Video Walls

Excite AV is a leading provider of complete digital signage solutions to organisations large and small in all sectors.

Whether its menu boards, retail displays or information boards we can provide your business with a digital solution that engages your customers, increase sales or provides important messages.

We also work with a digital content provider who can produce your content for you.

Why use digital signage?

Just like Corporate TV, digital signage can be used as very effective communication and motivational tool. You can display news, weather reports, sports results, financial information, wayfinding and many other types of content.

It’s used in business locations, government offices, retail stores, restaurants, hotel lobbies, hospital and doctor’s waiting rooms, fitness centers, sports arenas, movie theatres, and many more locations.

It’s ideal for sending information to large groups of viewers, in private or public settings.

Companies use digital signage to inform, motivate, train and educate staff at every level. The same can be said for all the applications listed above. Digital signage sells, gets your point across and reinforces positive messages.

Digital signage is great for reaching audiences that are idle. Use dwell time more productively.

It lets you target specific audiences, age groups, sex, or any demographic.

We only use the best equipment!