Have you asked yourself… How AV integration can help your business?

For the past few years AV integration has been the “Buzz word” in commercial space design.

But what is it? And more importantly, why you should be thinking about it?

For decades businesses have been installing everything from background music systems to digital signage and more recently video conferencing.

Imagine this, you have several AV systems installed in your business, all of them work absolutely fine independently, but what if they all worked together seamlessly?

That’s AV integration.

So firstly, why can AV integration be important to your business?

Attract the best

You want to attract the brightest and the best candidates’ over your competitors? There is now an increasing expectation from Millennials of a certain standard of technology within the workplace, let’s face it, they are tech savvy and your less likely to attract the best if your business is something of a luddite!

How AV integration can help your business deliver more productive meetings

So, you have an important meeting scheduled and you find yourself scrambling around plugging cables in, trying to connect to the big screen on the wall and connect your meeting to the outside world?

What if you have a simple user interface on your boardroom desktop and at a touch of a button you make your video call? Not only that, the picture is perfect, there is no delay, the sound quality is high because you have excellent voice uplift and noise cancellation?

Now you want to share an important document so both parties can discuss it, but the HDMI cable is broken? Doesn’t matter, you’re now sharing the document wirelessly and what’s more, so can your colleagues.

Most importantly, all of these systems are designed to integrate which each other, cutting down set up time and the worry that something isn’t going to work.

To see how we help the world leading Institute Of Acoustics’, watch this video…