Meet Designmax & Powerspace the new range of Bose speakers & Amplifiers for 2019

Bose are never one to release endless lines of new products, in fact it seems an age ago that the FreeSpace speakers were released.

That’s why, when they do, you know that they have been put through the rigorous testing and development that you come to expect from one of the worlds leaders in Audio.

This is what Bose have to say about their two new ranges

Designmax & Powerspace

“DesignMax loudspeakers bring outstanding audio and aesthetics to any commercial space.

With 12 models to choose from, it’s easy to create tailored sound solutions and deliver instantly impressive sound.

DesignMax loudspeakers provide full and consistent coverage — and blend into any room design”

Also this Autumn Bose introduces Bose Pro PowerSpace;

“PowerSpace are a new line of five cost-effective amplifiers that are right-sized with power levels and DSP options for premium commercial applications.

PowerSpace amplifiers integrate seamlessly with the expanding line of Bose Professional loudspeakers and applications.”

The Freespace3 range of background music speakers have been a mainstay for Bose for the past 15 years, and remain still some of the best speakers in that category.

According to Bose the release of DesignMax doesn’t mean the end of FreeSpace3, and its position in the market in terms of pricing will be slightly higher.

PowerSpace amplifier range plugs a large gap in the current Bose amplifier range.

For far too long the void between the Freespace and the PowerMatch, Powershare amplifier ranges has been unaddressed.

Now with the release of the new PowerSpace and PowerSpacePlus amplifiers that void has been bridged and the need to look outside of Bose for more affordable or suitable options will become unnecessary.

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