City Social AV Project

Project completed May 2019 , Mid-Foreground music installation in restaurant and bar area

Scope of AV project

  • The existing ceiling speaker system suffered from uneven sound and coverage, with 100V line speakers dotted only near the windows and above the bar. On busy nights as customers gathered on the dance floor, any lift in volume overpowered conversations in the peripheral areas, yet lacked sufficient dynamic range in the central dance floor area. To overcome this problem, the venue had used larger suspended speakers on DJ nights but the unique design of the building transmitted vibration to the floor below and had led to the installation of an inconvenient noise-limiter to avoid complaints from other users of the building.

    Having taken account of the setting and its challenges, Excite AV recommended a QSC solution and arranged a demonstration of QSC speakers at the manufacturer’s London demo room. Suitably impressed by what they heard, the support they received and the speed with which Audiologic was able to provide a quote, City Social went ahead with the design.

    Please see the case study by clicking here

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Excite AV installed 6 x QSC AD-S6T 6.5inch surface-mounted speakers, 8 x QSC AC-C6T high-quality 6.5-inch ceiling mount loudspeakers and 2 x QSC AD-81Tw 8-inch ceiling-mounted subwoofers. The system is powered by 2 x QSC CXD4.2 processing amplifiers. A Cloud LE1W Remote Input Plate to provide a connection for an audio source completed the picture.

“We went with Audiologic and Excite AV because of the speed at which they were able to provide a definitive quote and the helpful support they offered from the start. The staff are very happy with the new system, describing it as clear and more powerful without being overpowering. A major problem with the previous system was sound travelling through the floor and ceiling to our corporate neighbours. The new install does not have these issues, giving us peace of mind. There is a clear difference between the sound in the bar with the new system as compared to the restaurant with the previous system. We find our visitors drawn to the area with the new system”.

Tim Smith, General Manager