Harris Academy South Norwood, London

harris academy

A modern day classical music audio and bell system to bring academy corridors to life. We were asked to supply a modern day bell system with the addition of being able to play classical music following the bell for Harris Academy, South Norwood. Every hour at the Harris Academies’ they have class change and that’s where the bell / audio system comes into play.

Our original contact with the Harris Academy group came through previous projects, and this was the next one in the line of the rollout of the bell system. Our bell system solution is fantastic for Academies’, school’s & university corridor walkways.The system consists of the headend control equipment, which is in the server rooms, which controls the zones of the speakers and microphones. Following on from completing Harris Academy, Wimbledon, we were asked to commission a system at Harris Academy, South Norwood for the walkways and corridors within this Academy for the group.

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This bell system consisted of head end control equipment, just over 90 speakers, cabling, infrastructure and two weeks of labour with four engineers to complete.

During our time at Harris Academy, South Norwood, we spent a considerable amount of time planning, working on perfect locations for the speakers to give the best output across the corridors over the four floors & outside zones.ed.

bell announcement system

Following our installation, we have had very positive comments from Samuel Cajilog (Head of Maintenance) and the headmaster, Rob Hitch within the academy.

“From the moment we made contact nothing was too much trouble for Gareth and the Excite team. They took the time to really consider what we wanted from the system and were responsive to our needs. The installation was swift and unobtrusive, and the team created excellent training videos to help us understand all aspects of the system.The new music for transitions and bell audio sound fantastic. I can’t recommend the Excite team enough.”

Rob Hitch, Headmaster – Harris Academy, South Norwood