SSE Renewables AI Data Capture & Monitoring

SSE Renewables AI Data Capture & Monitoring Projects, Scotland

Bringing world class technologies to the table to monitor species across some of the best hydro stations and islands in the Scottish Highlands.

The various AI Data Monitoring solutions we have installed across the East- Coast of Scotland and In-land over the past three years include monitoring puffins, salmon and other species.


To allow SSE renewables to gather specific data to monitor the impact of the wind farms on local species.

With the ever-increasing energy bills, SSE renewables are on a mission to erect more wind farms and part of this project is to protect wildlife in the process.

Basically, if SSE renewables can provide accurate data confirming there is zero impact to species and wildlife then the windfarms can be erected, and more wind energy created.

Our projects with SSE renewables include:

  • Isle of May Camera Solution for recording data on Puffins.
  • Dunbeath Camera Solution for recording data on Puffins.
  • Hydro Camera Solutions for recording data on salmons.

In the coming years we will be working closely with SSE renewables to provide further AI data capturing solutions in Ireland, Scotland and other areas around the UK.

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Below are a few comments on our technology solutions…

“The Excite Group have exceeded all expectations working alongside myself to help deliver world-class technologies across our sites to record high-end data to report on the puffin count.

From solution creation to problem solving, through to end delivery of each site location project, the Excite Group have always met our deadlines with their extensive knowledge and superb teams.

I would highly recommend these professionals. They are an extremely hardworking team, always on hand for weekly MS Teams calls, always thinking outside the box and always go above and beyond to deliver exactly what we require.

Wind farms are a huge part of our future and with these modern-day technologies The Excite Group have hugely improved our way of recording vital data.

Great work Excite.”

James Scobie – Head Of Digital Delivery at SSE

Click the link to watch some footage of our world’s first….