Excite AV is an innovator when it comes to all things AV and that includes Acoustic Paneling.

In 2021 Excite AV teamed up with Quadra AV Furniture to assist us in the production of our VBT and VBW – our all in one Video Conferencing solutions.

Quadra AV furniture use highly skilled craftsmen enabling them to manufacture unrivalled quality bespoke furniture. They are able to react, adapt and respond to changes during a project life cycle saving valuable time and money without relying on outsourced elements.

Through in-depth consultation during design stages, they work closely with you, to build and deliver your projects efficiently and safely. From initial concept and R&D through to joinery and finishing, many of their products are designed with AV system integration and Video conference environments in mind.

With expertise spanning 3 decades they provide a unique service delivering quality design, solutions and innovative products to meet all customers’ requirements – and budgets.

acoustic paneling

With a lot of the work we install we often come across extremely acoustically challenging environments, particularly when it comes to Video Conferencing in offices. The typical modern office these days consist of a lot of hard furnishings which promote reverb. These factors create a very difficult environment for even for the major brand products of the Video Conferencing market.

High Quality Acoustic Paneling

Quadra AV Furniture have supported Excite AV with overcoming numerous of these difficult environments with their range of acoustic paneling.

They offer a range of high quality acoustic absorbers to reduce reverberation and echo in a stylish and custom designed solution.

Quadra’s Atmosphere and Acoustica range consists of high-quality acoustic absorbers used to reduce reverberation and echo.
A flexible and highly functional product that can be used to treat ceilings and walls ideal for meeting rooms and video conferencing areas.

If this sounds like something which your meeting spaces require call us to arrange a survey on: 0800 084 3065.

acoustic paneling

Acoustic Paneling for Rooms

On a site survey we can get a gauge on the room environment with floor type, ceiling, amount of windows soft furnishings etc. and how much acoustic treatment is required. We would then propose a recommended acoustic treatment plan based on the survey.

Quadra AV Furniture offer an excellent array of panel solutions with superb acoustic properties, all available in a range of shades, shapes and sizes to suit your working spaces.

Excite AV have also partnered up with Quadra AV Furniture for other projects which have required custom made furniture pieces for surrounds used in office environments and have resulted in some great results and delighted clients.

AV Furniture

Quadra AV Furniture offer a range of furniture solutions for meeting rooms, huddle spaces or any office spaces.

Products include:

  • Lecterns

  • AV Credenzas

  • Surrounds

  • Stands

  • AV Cabinets

  • Boardroom tables

For further information on how Quadra AV Furniture may be able to enhance your work space, please visit: