Business benefits from Digital Signage & Push Notification

The traditional team messaging strategy centred on a notice board has serious flaws: namely, notices get lost, important messages get missed, and there’s no reliable method to track that your staff are receiving important company information.

Digital Signage & Push Notification technology has long since replaced notice boards as the go-to team communication tool, but did you know that digital signage is just as valuable to your digital retail environment.

Retail digital signage provides a highly-visible communication platform to share information about product promotions, and safety notices, keeping your customers well informed and enhance the retail experience.

The demand for digital signage follows the rising demand for digital promotions Digital promotion of services and products is the dominant marketing strategy of the 21st century.


IA connects

Digital Signage


Digital Safety SignageWifi 2.2” Display Unit 

Wall mounted display unit for notifications, warnings and room based information. 

The 2.2” wall mounted display unit from IA connects allows automated notifications, warnings and room based information to be displayed as required. 

EnOcean Illuminated Door Sign

Illuminated door sign with integrated EnOcean wireless transceiver, control colour and dim level when triggered. 

15x15cm Illuminated door sign with controllable colour and dim level. Using an EnOcean light switch to show vacancy or occupied for small installations such as a doctors office, public bathroom or waiting area.  

In other cases, if there is a room reservation system installed with a software interface to a calendar, colour of the sign can be changed by a control system. The sign using +24V DC and RGB colour system with 10mm opal white Plexiglass®.  

Decals can be adhered to the surface to indicate room number, or type of room such as bathroom or waiting area.

The Wi-Fi enabled device connects to a MobiusFlow gateway or cloud service and can display information such as ‘No Entry’ signs or room available based on building and facility managers’ requirements. 

Digital Signage


Desk Occupancy status based on usage and duration.

The social distancing management system from IAconnects monitors desk occupancy status and displays availability and cleaning status accordingly. Once the system monitors occupancy at an acceptable level to be in accordance with social distancing rules, then the access status of a particular desk changes automatically. 

 Once the usage flow count reaches a certain limit (time or status change) a ‘requires cleaning’ status can also be set to alert building maintenance staff that a particular desk requires attention. 2.2” displays can be used to visualise the status of each desk as required. 

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