How can your business benefit from In-Store Traffic Analysis & Occupancy Monitoring?

The COVID-19 crisis has led to dramatic shifts in consumer behaviour. Retailers will have to work hard to meet ever-evolving customer experience requirements in order to win and remain relevant.

Organisations that can quickly reimagine their omnichannel approach to create a distinctive customer experience will recover faster from the pandemic.

In-store analytics has the potential to transform the store layout and improve customer experience across different business segments.

Enhanced insights into customer buying patterns further helps retailers to better plan product placement and enhance service efficiency.

footfall tracking systems

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Physical distance controls

Everyangle exclusively make use of the power of the Meraki MV platform to give near real time video analytics and AI, Computer Vision Applications such asCustomer Waiting, Suspicious Person Identification and next generation Footfall Tracking are helping to optimise the way we shop and work.The current Pandemic has created new challenges for any business trying to get back to work. EveryAngle have acted quickly to re-purpose existing algorithms and release a new application Physical Distance Controls.

  • Real time monitoring and alerting.

  • Monitor distancing and numbers in queues inside and outside the building

  • 10 minute simple deployment to existing camera platforms

  • Dashboards, Alerting, Virtual Assistants and integration to IoT for physical notifications.


Every Angle/Meraki Solution - 2 Applications




Room access status based on people count and occupancy.

The social distancing management system from IAconnects monitors the people count and occupancy status of communal areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and meeting areas and displays access status accordingly.

Once the count monitors occupancy at an acceptable level to be in accordance with social distancing rules then the access status of a particular area changes automatically. Once the people flow count (in/out) reaches a certain limit a ‘requires cleaning’ status can also be set to alert building maintenance staff that a particular area requires attention. 

  • Control occupancy levels in any given space.

  • Counts people in and out in real time.

  • Traffic light system to provide access.

  • Alerting and recording of occupancy levels.

  • Extensible API led integration with additional digital signage and enterprise systems.

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In-Store Traffic Analysis

Iaconnects - Single People counter, 1 Smart display, 12 months VPNM access 12 months subscription + Mobius flow gate way