How can your business benefit from RFID Based Hand Sanitisation?

By eliminating the traditional manual hand pumped soap dispenser, touch free sensors reduce the risk of coming in to contact with bacteria. Touch free RFID Based Hand Sanitisation dispensers are easy to use, particularly for those that may struggle to reach over countertops.

Whether you’re looking for infectious disease control measures to prevent COVID-19 transmission or an easy way to help to combat the regular flu season, contactless dispensers such as RFID Based Hand Sanitisation can help minimize exposure in your facility.

As employees start returning to work in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, implementing public safety strategies into your facility is more important than ever. Employees want to feel comfortable going back to work knowing they have access to proper sanitation measures. Safety guidelines recommended by the CDC include social distancing, frequently disinfecting workspaces, and consistent hand-washing by employees. Today’s Hand sanitisers are extremely efficient at killing viruses like COVID-19.

RFID Based Hand Sanitisation1

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A suite of products built on an RFID equipped smart dispenser, the Advanwash range can be used to ensure employees and visitors wash their hands. Working in conjunction with RFID tags, the dispenser will record who has washed their hands, and who has not, and take action based on that process. Integrated with the Advancloud service the systems record all interactions, and can be extended to interface with door locking systems, to allow access only to those that have washed their hands,

  • Maintaining the highest hygiene standards and keeping the R level below 1

  • Automatic contactless operation

  • Ensures that only people who have washed hands can enter or leave a restricted area

  • Use case driven configurations, start simple and build additional functionality

  • Easy to install and to use

RFID Based Hand Sanitisation

RFID Based Hand Sanitisation2

RFID Based Hand Sanitisation

AvanWash – Single Sanitiser + 100 RFID tags