Are you asking the question… What is a Huddle Room?

It’s a small space solution with far reaching audio visual solutions that allow for bigger meetings from smaller spaces.

There is no denying that the way we work has changed. The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted on the way all sectors operate and has altered every footprint of today’s workspace. With less employees present at any one time through a mix of static and hybrid working, the traditional workplace as we once knew it is probably a thing of the past. What once used to be a bustling office, with rows of desk or cubicles, hot desking availability and a private glass partitioned conference and meeting rooms, means today’s workspace looks like a very different space.

How AV can remove barriers to your business

With fewer physical walls within the office environment, natural boundaries are broken down and dialogue between colleagues is far freer and more collaborative. Whilst, the reduced number of staff, workstations and meeting rooms may have shrunk to promote social distancing, it offers more space and less corporate commotion for those in the workplace. However, the need for meeting spaces that provide fully functional audio visual facilities to talk, present and communicate with colleagues and customers worldwide has never been more needed.

So, what is a huddle room? By definition, a huddle room is a space that lends itself to a private meeting area. Much like a traditional board or conference room, a huddle room is equipped with audio, visual, conferencing, video and presentation display systems and more, but in a smaller area. Mainly used for small team meetings with office-based and remote participants, huddle rooms provide great communication options so you can stay connected from your HQ to all corners of the globe.

Is a Huddle Room right for you?

The great thing about a huddle room is it allows colleagues to meet easily and be fully technically supported, on a regular diarised basis or especially in time critical circumstances when you need to pull in external participants fast. Meetings are the beating heart of business growth and productivity and by having a meeting space to huddle in and get the job done, all supported by the latest technology, makes internal and external collaboration easy.

Excite AV is here to offer you a wide range of huddle room audio and visual solutions from software, hardware, training and support to ensure a first-class user experience. Our aim is to deliver an efficient solution for your small space that gives big technological output so you can grow your business, stimulate innovation, enable dispersed team working and collaboration at the push of a button.

If your business could benefit from turning flexible small spaces into interactive meeting rooms fully supported by presentation and video conferencing systems and professional high-quality audio technologies, our expert team are on-hand to assist you. What is a huddle room? It’s the next best business decision you can make.

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