Looking for Zoom Room Video Conferencing. Because of our experience, we are proud to class ourselves as specialists.

What is Zoom Room with Video Conferencing?

Zoom Room with video conferencing provides an online solution for hosting virtual meetings, webinars, messaging and calling.

Zoom is arguably one of the best communication tools available to businesses on the market today.

Our clients have stated that regardless on the number of participants taking part in Video Conference meetings, the high-quality video and crisp audio experience is never compromised.

Zoom Room Video Conferencing

Tied in with its ease of use and reasonable cost, it is understandable why we find ourselves installing Zoom Video Conferencing in more and more office spaces.

Why use Zoom Room with Video Conferencing?

– High quality video and crisp audio meetings consistently

– Secure

Zoom is encrypted to protect your meetings from data leaks

– Engineered & optimised to work reliably

– Reasonable and affordable pricing

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The Brands we use

The list of brands is huge in this field. We use the market leading brands for our ‘Wireless Presentation’ solutions, depending on the need of the need of the client.

zoom room with video conferencing
zoom room with video conferencing
mersive logo
zoom room with video conferencing
zoom room with video conferencing
zoom room with video conferencing

Choosing the right Wireless Presentations brand model

These brands come in a number of models, suited to different environments. Excite AV will build your solution with the equipment that has the capabilities to fulfil your needs. Working with Excite AV, your solution is in the capable hands of our experts throughout the process, we will take care:

  • AV design-designed for all of your needs and to suit your budget
  • AV install-with as little disruption to your organisation as possible
  • AV training-until every member of your team that needs to be will be a confident user on your new equipment
  • AV aftercare-any future problems and we will be available to help