Because of our experience, we are proud to class ourselves as Zoom Rooms specialists

Not sure if Zoom Rooms are the solution for you?

Zoom Rooms provide a ‘one click’ video conference content sharing solution for colleagues from any location that has WIFI.

Excite AV will design, supply and install the Zoom Room system that your operation requires.

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We can help you incorporate Zoom Rooms in your; Huddle Rooms, Large Meeting Rooms, Board Rooms, Conference Rooms. Zoom Rooms is the simple solution to provide any workspace with a Video Conferencing solution.

Why use Zoom Rooms?

There are many reasons our clients choose to use Zoom in their business environment. Here are a few of the main ones:

  • Wireless connectivity
  • HD Video and Audio
  • Connect from anywhere
  • Connect with anyone
  • Content sharing
  • Ease of use
  • One click meeting access
  • Supports multiple Web Cams

zoom rooms

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The Brands we use

The list of brands is huge in this field. We use the market leading brands for our ‘Wireless Presentation’ solutions, depending on the need of the need of the client.

av installers
zoom rooms
zoom rooms
zoom rooms

Choosing the right Wireless Presentations brand model

These brands come in a number of models, suited to different environments. Excite AV will build your solution with the equipment that has the capabilities to fulfil your needs. Working with Excite AV, your solution is in the capable hands of our experts throughout the process, we will take care:

  • AV design-designed for all of your needs and to suit your budget
  • AV install-with as little disruption to your organisation as possible
  • AV training-until every member of your team that needs to be will be a confident user on your new equipment
  • AV aftercare-any future problems and we will be available to help

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