Neat Burger Restaurants, London

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Exciting plant-based burger restaurants with a lively atmosphere working with Excite AV to deliver excellent music systems using Ecler Audio products.

In 2019/2020 Excite AV were given the chance to work alongside Neat Burger designing, supplying and installing background music audio systems for the restaurant chain across London

Neat Burger Amps Up the Vibe with Excite AV’s Ecler Audio Solutions

The idea for Neat Burger was to create upbeat lively hotspot restaurants offering fantastic burger alternatives to the traditional meat burgers.

They have certainly achieved this with their lovely looking restaurants.

Neat Burger Princes Street
Neat Burger Camden
Neat Burger Interior

Within the restaurants we provided multi-zoned audio solutions with first fix cabling, Ecler head end control and speakers also Ecler. Neat Burger particularly like the Ecler Audeo 103 speakers in white, as it fits into their store’s décor, they are discreet in size with great output levels.

With most sites having two levels, they have volume controls located in the stores to help with volume levels, whilst the head end control equipment is in the comms rooms.

Our client had a few words to describe our relationship with them and how our music system installations improve the day-to-day experience for both the client and staff members.

“We decided to go with Excite AV to deploy music systems within our restaurant as they came across as a young vibrant team who had great energy, much like our young team. The systems they have provided are perfect for the restaurants with great sound quality from such small speakers. Thank You.”

Neat Burger Camden Interior