Pizza Pilgrims Restaurant Chain

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The Pizza Pilgrims idea set off on a Pizza Pilgrimage in our three-wheeled van in 2011.

They fast began to realise is that a pizza pilgrimage never, ever ends…but what’s clear was that there should be pizza for everyone – so they’ve been working hard on this.

That’s why they are so pleased to announce gluten friendly and halal options at Pizza Pilgrims.

Pizza is special and we hope you enjoy it – the pilgrimage never stops, and they are continuously developing in the background to be more inclusive, watch out on their social media channels for more options for all dietary needs.

Elevating the Dining Experience: AV and CCTV Solutions at Pizza Pilgrims Restaurant Chain

Over the past 6-7 years we have worked closely with Pizza Pilgrims helping them with all aspects of AV and CCTV solutions for their restaurant builds.

Each site has had its own quirks and challenges; however, we always find a solution to meet our client’s needs.

Pizza Pilgrims Interior
Pizza Pilgrims Front
Pizza Pilgrims Front 2
Pizza Pilgrims Front
Pizza Pilgrims Interior Brighton

Generally, we provide a 6-12 speaker Audio system with head end control, speakers and cabling infrastructure, plus a 4-8 Camera CCTV system. Some of the sites have screens for chefcam and slideshows of pizza making & others have disco balls and other quirky additions we help provide solutions for.

We believe in The Pizza Pilgrims brand, and they are a great team to work with.

Pizza Pilgrims Interior
Pizza Pilgrims Interior

Comments from The Management

“Excite AV always have the right solution to fit our requirements. Music, TV systems chefcam & CCTV are essential to the operation of our restaurants.

From the early days of our Liverpool Street site to the latest build at Queens Park, London.

Excite are always on hand with their installation services & support on repairs, nothing but pure professionalism.”

~ Thom Elliot
Founder Pizza Pilgrims Ltd