The Grasshopper, Wokingham

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Having worked with Jakub and his team on other projects within Wokingham, Jakub asked Excite AV to provide an Audio system to transform the atmosphere to this upbeat cocktail and wine bar. One of the main requests was for the system to work for live acoustic sessions.

Quality sound for a new upbeat Cocktail Bar in the heart of town

We put together a multi-zone audio system consisting of Ecler Aquis 108’s, with capabilities of transitioning from day-to-day background music to live foreground music.

This was to introduce live acoustic session’s for local artists to perform on a weekly basis.

The restaurant music was powered by 2 x QSC GX5 Amplifiers split into 4 Zones low impedance, with a Cloud Z4 mixer to give the end user operator ease of use with front panel control.

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Jakub said the system has really helped him – his team attract the customers and artists they have been looking for. The offering of classy cocktails, live music and nibbles on event nights has made the venue a hotspot within the heart of Wokingham Town Centre.

“I am extremely happy with the system Excite AV Supplied for The Grasshopper. Yet again they have excelled my expectations and I have happy clients with the help of Excite AV.”

~ Jakub

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