Attis Food Restaurant AV Project

Category: Background Music
Skills Required: Service call
When Was The Project: October 2020

Scope of AV project

  • Who is the client?

    Phil Horner is the The Managing Director at Atis Foods, in Hoxton, London. 

    Atis foods is an upmarket vegan – powerful health food restaurant with eat in and delivery. A modern day urban restaurant providing powerful food good for the body, soul and planet. Their mission is to get more people eating plant powered food.

    How did the work come about?

    The contact was originally made through finding us on google. Phil outlined the problem and Alex proposed an upgrade to the system after an initial site visit.

    The main issue was a strange hum through the audio system, which was previously installed by electricians during the refit.

The sound system they had installed (not by Excite AV). The system consisted of:

  • Bose DS40 Speakers x 6
  • Bose IZA 2120LZ Amplifier

On our arrival we found that the speakers were tapped at 5w output. Restricted by the existing amplifier’s 120w output, the audio playback was of poor quality and we could tell something was not right. 

Food Restaurant AV Project

Food Restaurant AV Project

Following this we provided Atis with a replacement amp, (Bose Powershare 404A) and tested the system again. The amp kept shorting, therefore we had to investigate further. 

After a good few hour’s taking each speaker down, we found that a screw from one of the speaker brackets hadn’t been tightened up underneath the mounting plate, therefore it was shorting out on the metal cable tray causing the whole system to short.

After tightening the screw, setting each speaker to 20w rather than 5w and remounting all of the speakers, we then buzzed the speakers out with our meter and the impedance was now correct and most importantly, no shorts on the system.

Fault finding is one of our key service call services and we have a proven track record of improving lots of business premises AV Systems when they stop working or have issues.

Food Restaurant AV Project Upgrade

During the service call – upgrade to the system we also installed a Bose CSP-428 and a CC-2D for volume control for local control away from the head end location for ease of use for the staff.

The restaurant had two inputs, one being a music player provider and another from PC. From the volume controller they had the option of selecting which source was the input.

Then to go as far as to say have they got any future plans to work with Excite Audio Visual Ltd?

Second phase of this food restaurant AV project

We are currently working on the second site with Atis, Eccleston Yard, London.

“Be great to work with you guys again… I certainly will not get electricians to install audio systems in the future.”

Owner, Attis Food