Broadway Photo Studios Brixton AV Project

Category: Background Music & CCTV Installation
Skills Required: Design, Supply & Installation of cabling infrastructure, hardware and commissioning.
When Was The Project: April 2021

Scope of AV project

  • Who is the client?

    Guerlaine McClellend  from Broadway Studios in Brixton, London. They offer wide range of professional photo shoot experiences at our multi-set studios in Brixton. Whether you want a stunning professional portfolio, a fun collection of family memories, super special photos of your pet or anything in between… they have got a photo shoot with your face on it!

    Offering a fun-filled experience and a promise to create a selection of images that you’ll treasure forever.

    The client required a back ground music system for two different buildings (studios) and a 4 camera CCTV system for each building.

    Each Studio required design, supply & installation of all cabling and hardware.

    Once installed we gave Guerlaine a full demonstration of all four systems we installed.

    What was installed?

    As part of the photo studios Brixton AV installation we installed a BGM system & a CCTV system in each photo studio.

    What products were used?

    Audio System:

    To power the speakers, we installed a Cloud 120W amplifier with an inline volume controller for each speaker & 4 x Cloud CS-S4W wall mounted speakers. The client opted to use an iPod as the music source for both studios using a 3.5mm Jack cable for the connection to the amp.

    Products Used For Audio System:

    • 8 x Cloud Surface Speakers CS-S4W
    • 2 x Cloud VMA 120W Mixer Amplifier
    • 6 x EVOL20 Inline Volume Control
    • Speaker Cable & Connector Cables

Photo Studios Brixton AV

CCTV System:

  • In each studio has its own NVR Recorder Box 1 TB, 4 x 5MP cameras and is set up on a mobile phone app for remote viewing over 4/5G and WIFI.

Products Used For CCTV System:

  • 2 x 4 Channel IP 1TB NVR
  • 8 x Dome 3.6mm Lens Dome Cameras
  • Cat 5e Cable POE & RJ45 plugs for camera & NVR connections

Then to go as far as to say have they got any future plans to work with Excite Audio Visual Ltd?

There is potentially additional work in the future if Guerlaine decides to create more photo studios in and around London.

photo studio brixton av

“I am extremely happy with the install, the demonstration given and how easy both the Audio & CCTV systems were to use.”

Guerlaine McClellend, Owner - Broadway Studios Brixton